fire suppression

Company «BALT LINE SERVICES OY» provides the full range of services in the field of maritime containers retrofitting with INDEPENDENT GAS FIRE-PREVENTION SYSTEMS. Reequipped containers can be used as a maneuvering warehouse for storage of a wide variety of flammable materials.

Gas fire suppression uses special extinguishing compositions to effectively extinguish fires of different etymology. As a rule, the automatic equipment of this type consists of cylinders, in which a special pressurized gas is stored, control nodes, atomizers and piping, which deliver and release the gas in the premises, as well as the control panel, and obligatory fire detectors.

Scheme of the gas fire suppression system modules you can see here >>>>

Advantages of gas fire suppression:

  • volumetric fire extinguishing;
  • damage to material assets or equipment is minimal;
  • gas extinguishing agents can be easily removed from the premises by ventilation;
  • high performance of fire extinguishing;;
  • wide range of application area (gas fire suppression is suitable for protection of objects in which the use of other types of fire-fighting is unacceptable or impractical).

Application area:

  • servers;
  • data centers;
  • archives;
  • libraries;
  • museums;
  • control centers of flights;
  • control rooms;
  • control stations of nuclear plants;
  • depositaries;
  • gas pumping stations;
  • warehouses;
  • sea and river vessels.

With our fire suppression systems you will be able to observe the requirements of the legislation and to provide a comprehensive and efficient fire protection of the selected object.

Our experts will competently carry out installation and commissioning of equipment, and our own delivery service will transport it to its destination.