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In present situation no trade and manufacturing organization can succeed in its market segment without a carefully organized and efficient logistics. How to deliver the cargo at the lowest cost, preserving its qualities? How to minimize the risk of damage or loss of cargo in transit? What type of transport to choose not to pay extra for delivery, but at the same time get a quality service? How to speed up delivery terms and reduce the cost of the goods at the final destination?

Experienced specialists in logistics of Balt Line Services OY are the best ones to give the most complete answers to these important questions arising from any cargo owner. Our team of professionals is always ready to answer any questions and to meet all your requirements. The base of our business is a high-quality service and our experts make it possible. Through constant research, motivation, and personnel training, we strive to strengthen our leading position in the market.

Cooperating with the company Balt Line Services OY, you can be confident that thanks to huge experience in logistics, the cargo will be delivered in the right place at the right time, at minimal cost and in proper condition.

Balt Line Services OY offers a full complex of logistics services. Our staff will make pre-planning of your transportation, work out the best route and choose the best way to deliver your cargo. Our experts monitor all changes in the law and will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses and waste of time while obtaining logistics services.

Cooperation with Balt Line Services OY – is a guarantee of the safety of the cargo at all stages of transportation, information tracking, delivery in shortest terms, the optimal cost of services. You just need to specify two points on the map: the place of shipment and the recipient warehouse, everything else we take on us!

Advantages of Balt Line Services OY:

• Huge experience in international transportations;
• Delivery of cargoes on “door-to-door” basis;
• Flexibility in order processing;
• Responsibility for the quality of services at all stages of the logistics process;
• Service at international level;
• Individual approach to each Client;
• On-line information about cargoes in transit;
• Flexible and competitive prices for services;
• Guaranteed terms of delivery.


        We do not just transfer cargo from the one point to another, we provide full service of delivery and documentation, including:

  • Transportations of cargos by trucks (international and internal). To deliver cargo from the consignor’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse without transshipments and with ability to select optimal volume and capacity of vehicle? Yes! These are just some of the important benefits of freight by road. Thanks to Balt Line Services OY you will appraise the high level of service of internal and international road transportation.


  • Organization of transportation of modular and small consignments to individuals. Very often, companies, individual entrepreneurs, or just private individuals require the organization of transportation of small consignments. With such volumes, ordering a separate container / vehicle is in most cases irrational – too expensive. In this case the modular cargo transportation is relevant. Such transportations can reduce the cost of delivery of small-sized cargo of several customers. The key link in the groupage transportation chain is the consolidation of small consignments of several consignors, the formation of containers / large consignments (for trucking) and their shipment to customers.


  • Multimodal transportations mean the use of multiple types of transport in any combination. The main advantage of multi-modal transportation is a significant savings in time of delivery and finance. Trust planning the movement of cargo to Balt Line Services OY and we will both develop the best route and provide regulation of all forwarding matters at the same time.


 Air and road transportation
  • Warehousing is a complex of operations, carried out on one of the important stages of the movement of goods in the supply chain from the manufacturer to the final consumer. Our Clients minimize their expenses through the optimization of each individual warehouse operation by Balt Line Services OY.



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  • Freight forwarding. Experts of the company Balt Line Services OY take the most effective solutions in the freight forwarding, register and issue transport documents and permits quickly, supervise the loading, unloading and reloading of cargo, define warehousing points, minimize storage costs.



  • Customs services. Just-in-time delivery of cargoes to the recipient is highly dependent from qualitative and operative performance of the customs clearance procedure. Extensive, deep knowledge of employees of Balt Line Services OY in foreign exchange, tax and customs law and the experience in practice of the declaration of goods will ensure timely, well-performed procedure of customs clearance of cargo, which is an important part in the complicated process of the organization of qualitative international transportation.
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  • Cargos insurance. Modern system of insurance allows to minimize risks that appear during cargo delivery. Balt Line Services OY offers to customers assistance in cargo insurance on the best quality-price ratio.
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  • Armed convoy of cargo. Providing security of cargo in transit is one of the most difficult types of guarding. One of the activities of Balt Line Services OY is to provide clients with assistance in the organization of professional escorting of transportations.
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  • Consulting and representation functions – high level of knowledge of this type of activity allows our clients to receive competent advice on all questions of the logistic process.


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Sincerely hope that you get acquainted and take advantage of all the benefits of cooperation with Balt Line Services OY!