5. March 15-21. Tenerife Spain. «The Mathematics of Meanings for the Digital Economics.»




Date: 15-21.03

Place: Tenerife, Spain

SpeakersRuslan Makarov and Vladimir Rubanov

Five seminar blocks of six hours each. One block per day. Plus a day of retreat break with seminarians.

The seminar focuses on the semantic problems of the “digital economics”, the formation of a “data science” and data management practices, international standards of industry ontologies, top-level data models and architectures of management of organizations. Seminar participants will be presented with a comparative analysis of the ontologies, structures and models of the Semantic Topology authoring methodology with the best world practices, and the possibilities of its practical application for solving a wide range of managerial, analytical and information-technological problems of the digital economy will be shown. We will conduct training in the application of Semantic Topology using examples of solving specific problems from the subject-specific practices of the seminar participants.

During the seminar, the audience will be given a practical opportunity to delve into the best international projects from the most diverse sectors of the digital economics.