Ruslan A. Makarov – From Culturology to a Digital Economy.

President of the international foundation “Humanity.” Rector of the Institute of Digital Economics. Author of research papers on philosophy, jurisprudence and ethnology. Grand Doctor of Philosophy (GPhD). Founder of the global research project “Multimedia Cultural and Regional Anthology ‘All Russia.’” President of the National Foundation for Promoting the Development of International Youth Organizations JCI (Russia). Senator and founder of JCI, and JCI National President for 2010. Ruslan Makarov is the recipient of over 40 international, state and public awards.

Over the past three years, Ruslan Makarov has been actively working on the issue of monetizing cultural heritage objects in the context of modern trends in digital economics and e-finance (electronic money, smart money, cryptocurrencies and tokens). According to the Mikhail Khazin Economic Research Foundation, Ruslan Makarov is a leading Russian expert on the digital economy and e-finance. In recent years, various state, scientific and commercial structures around the world have invited Ruslan to consult with them on global strategic, legal and financial issues connected with modernizing e-finance, ICO platforms, RSA protocols and Blockchain. Ruslan has been personally involved in the creation of over ten cryptocurrencies and e-money units in Europe and Asia.