Scheme of the gas fire suppression system modules

General view of the gas fire extinguishing units with carbon dioxide CO2, which consist of:

 general view

  • СО2 filled cylinder – 5
  • Fire cylinder valve – 7
  • Electromagnetic actuator – 2
  • High pressure hose – 6
  • Manual actuator – 1
  • Pneumatic actuator – 3
  • Pneumatic circuit – 4

Description of the system operation:

On a signal from the fire detection unit the voltage of electric current comes to the electromagnetic actuator – 2 in the far left balloon which opens the fire cylinder valve – 7. Carbon dioxide from the cylinder is beginning to emerge through the high-pressure hose – 6 (which are combined into one tube – collector), and also it goes through the small tube – pneumatic circuit – 4.

The pressure generated in the pneumatic circuit by pneumatic actuators – 3, installed on the other cylinders, opens the fire cylinder valves on them, and carbon dioxide from each cylinder goes through the high pressure hose to the common collector. From collector CO2 through the pipe flows into the room where the fire is detected and discharged through special nozzles. The extinguishing concentration is created in the room and the fire is eliminated.

All cylinders stand on the platforms, which are called weight device, serving fault signal at a weight loss of CO2 in the tank for more than 5%.

For reference:

  1. Gas fire extinguishing module – based on one cylinder.
  2. Gas fire suppression Battery (modules) – several cylinders joined together, but not more than 10 cylinders.
  3. The modules are collected at the enterprise.
  4. We use own cylinders, ordered from the Polish company.
  5. Weighing device – its own production on the basis of strain platforms.

Objects that are supplied with the modules:

  • pumping stations
  • diesel generating sets
  • electrical substation
  • cable ducts
  • compressor stations
  • archives without the permanent presence of people
  • warehouses of flammable liquids
  • maritime containers used as storage space.